Morning Glories #25

by Alan Rapp on April 3, 2013

in Comics

Morning Glories #25Billed as the “Season Finale,” the double-sized Morning Glories #25 fills in several missing scenes, while revisiting others, from the first two dozen issues of the comic’s run. There are no big revelations (except this one), but we do get some clarity on a handful of the characters’ motivations (particularly those of Abraham and Irina).

Hisao (who is really Jun) dies in his brother’s arms, Abraham is forced to reveal more than he’d like to Ike who is holding the current version of Jade hostage, and Irina’s true mission is revealed to the rest of her group when Guillame reveals that Irina isn’t hear to save Abraham but to kill his son (which, according to how she reads the situation, is the only way to save them all).

Hunter is saved by an older version of Jade who gets him to uses his mysterious ability to try and set the events, which are currently spiraling out of control, back on their natural path. However, it’s the one character (Casey) whose story isn’t touched on here who we learn is the key to everything. Worth a look.

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