My Name is Bruce

by Alan Rapp on October 1, 2008

in Comics

  • Title: My Name is Bruce
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“What the FUCK is that?!”
“That’s Guan-Di.”
“You mean the son of a bitch is real?!”

After a young punk, only after some late night vandalism, mistakenly frees an ancient demon known as Guan-Di, the villagers come up with a plan to save themselves which involves kidnapping a B-movie action star and bringing him south of the border.

Told he’s been hired for a special birthday event Bruce Campbell agrees to play along with the natives only to discover he’s in some deep doo-doo when the real-life demon begins to hack people to pieces.  Faced with hightailing it or becoming the hero he plays in the movies Campbell reluctantly agrees to stay and help.

Those familiar with the ¡Three Amigos! will recognize the basic structure of the tale.  There are some moments of interest mostly displaying Campbell’s initial cowardice and moments of heroism, and an odd secret weapon used to control the hack slashing demon.

Although the story is diverting I’m not too happy with the look of the comic.  The art by Cliff Richards and colors by Michelle Madsen give the book a painted blue-gray washed-out feel that detracts from the action (bad) and hides the main character’s trademark chin (unforgivable!).

Fans of Campbell, or of the film this story borrows liberally from, might want to give this one a try, but it’s more of a curiosity (and a bit of an expensive one at $3.50) than anything else.  Those waiting for the film can check it out in limited release on Halloween day.

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