Batman and Robin #6

by Alan Rapp on February 15, 2012

in Comics

batman-and-robin-new-52-6-coverDamian‘s true colors are shown as Nobody attempts to turn him into his new sidekick. Not surprisingly, Nobody finds him as hard to control as Batman has ever since the New 52 DC reboot.

As Batman searches for his son we get more of the flashbacks of his early days with Henri Ducard and his son and the confrontation that led to the end of their partnership. The flashbacks are told almost as if Bruce is making a recording for Damian in case anything happens to him, to let him know the truth.

Damian’s turning on Nobody is hardly surprising, but I’m thankful writer Peter J. Tomasi didn’t milk the story for another issue or two. It’s also good to see Damian standing up for something other than himself for a change (even if there’s no one else to witness it). The final panels, suggesting some serious injury to the boy, should lead to a brutal confrontation between Batman and Nobody in next month’s conclusion of the arc. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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