Batman and Robin #9

by Alan Rapp on May 17, 2012

in Comics

batman-and-robin-new-52-9-coverDamian gets his first solo mission of the New 52 in this “Night of the Owls” tie-in issue as he’s sent to protect Major General Benjamin Burrows from a being the latest victim of the Court of Owls.

Although it’s not a bad issue, Damian taking control of a small squad of soldiers to save their wounded leader, for Damian’s first big adventure on his own it’s far from memorable. The dialogue of Damian convincing the soliders to take his orders, and eventually lead them is pretty damn awkward. I’m also not totally sold on the art by Lee Garbett which in some panels feels a little too goofy for so serious a storyline.

If you’re only picking this up as a “Night of Owls” tie-in you could probably give it a pass. If, however, you’re a fan of Damian (even the New 52 version) there’s enough here to keep your interest, at least for awhile. For fans.

[DC, 2.99]

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