Birds of Prey #2

by Alan Rapp on October 26, 2011

in Comics

birds-of-prey-v3-2-coverWhen last we left the new Birds they had just gotten a reporter blown up in broad daylight in the middle of a crowded airport. After escaping the airport Black Canary and Starling collect the third member of their team and look for answers.

Issue #2 introduces the New 52 version of Katana who it appears is more than a little unhinged in this version of the DCU. Katama is still deadly with a sword but this one talks to her death husband who she believes resides spiritually inside her sword. Yeah…

Anyway, the trio look for answers regarding the invisible terrorists and the dead journalist which leads them to the fourth member of their team – Poison Ivy. Okay, stop the bus; I need to get off.

This isn’t a bad issue, and the art by Jesus Saiz is more consistant this time around, but this team of Birds is getting farther away from the team Gail Simone made popular (Poison Ivy, really?). Aside from Black Canary these aren’t characters I really want to spend time with every month (especially for $3 a pop). Hit-and-Miss.

[DC, $2.99]

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