Detective Comics #15

by Alan Rapp on December 10, 2012

in Comics

detective-comics-new-52-15-coverLike almost all of the Death of the Family crossover issues Detective Comics #15 has almost nothing to do with the Joker or his return to Gotham. In fact, other than the mention of him in a couple panels and the comic’s cover you wouldn’t even know there was a Joker-themed Bat-crossover going on.

The issue centers around the new team of Poison Ivy and an out-of-control Clayface who is ripping apart Gotham City searching for his wife whom the Penguin has buried alive. Using the detective skills Christopher Nolan never chose to give the character, Batman discovers how Ivy is controlling Clayface and frees him from her mind-control.

The story is actually pretty good, and far better than most of the issues of the comic since its New 52 relaunch, even if it does give us yet another ridiculous New 52 villain in “Emperor Penguin.” But for those hoping to see the Death of the Family finally heating up, you’re going to have to wait at least another month. Worth a look.

[Detective Comics, $3.99]

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