Poison Ivy #1

by Alan Rapp on September 11, 2013

in Comics

Poison Ivy #1As part of Forever Evil (DC’s new event that I’m not now, or planning on ever, reading) villains take over various titles in the coming weeks as the DC heroes have all gone missing. Here Detective Comics turns over Gotham to Poison Ivy who wastes little time in transforming the entire city from a concrete jungle into a far more natural one.

Given the absence of Batman (or any other member of the Bat-Family to stop her) it doesn’t take long before the eco-terrorist turned super-villain has recreated the entire city in her image. Writer Derek Fridolfs and artist Jason Fabok also take the opportunity to flush out Ivy’s New 52 origins a little more fully (which include unnecessarily tying her research to Wayne Enterprises and a backstory involving her abusive father).

Detective Comics #23.1 isn’t a great issue by any means, but I was able to easily follow the story without being forced to seek out Forever Evil. I could have done without the usual New 52 tweaks to Pamela Isley’s origins but the core of the character seems largely intact. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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