Green Lantern #1

by Alan Rapp on September 19, 2011

in Comics

green-lantern-v5-1-coverI was a little reluctant to pick up a Green Lantern comic where Sinestro was the hero of the book. Although Hal Jordan gets plenty of pages here, he’s no longer the Green Lantern of Earth. That responsibility has fallen to his former mentor (and deadly enemy).

The first issue of Green Lantern proves to be one of DC’s better #1’s of the recent reboot. The focus is split between Sinestro (and the Guardians of the Universe) coming to terms with a ring choosing the Lanterns most hated foe and Hal Jordan’s life which has quickly fallen apart since his ring was stripped from him following the events of War of the Green Lanterns.

We’re reminded once again, the only thing Hal Jordan ever did well (other than flying jets) was being a hero. Seeing him stuck in a purposeless rut, without a job, cash, car or even a relationship (Hal proves once again he’s not a great date) writer Geoff Johns reminds us just because someone is a great hero doesn’t mean they’re a great man.

Although I’m a big GL fan, it felt Johns had long ago tapped the good Green Lantern stories he wanted to tell. I wasn’t expecting much from this first issue, and I’m glad I was wrong. I don’t know how long Sinestro is going to hold onto his ring, or how long it will take before Hal Jordan recovers his, but I’m willing to stick around to find out. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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