Justice League #14

by Alan Rapp on November 27, 2012

in Comics

justice-league-new-52-14-coverThe Justice League chases the Cheetah to the jungles of the Congo where Superman becomes infected by the curse and Wonder Woman is faced to deal with truth about the woman she once believed was her friend.

The “end” of the Cheetah story is a little awkward, especially given that it appears the super-villain’s plan was to be taken captive all along (and wasn’t searched for any transmission devices before being put in prison). Superman also take Diana home to Smallville for a little more mid-air smooching, which doesn’t go unnoticed by another member of the team. It will be interested to see where this storyline goes now that Batman knows about their relationship.

The Shazam! back-up story works a little better than usual as it is focused on Black Adam journeying out into the world with Dr. Sivana rather than the truly awful (not to mention unrecognizable) version of Captain Marvel that DC has presented us with as part of the New 52. Seriously, this character is already in serious need of a reboot. For fans.

[DC, $3.99]

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