Stormwatch #8

by Alan Rapp on April 11, 2012

in Comics

In the last two issues the new team of writer Paul Jenkins and artist Ignacio Calero have breathed some new life into one of DC’s most inconsistent titles. Next month writer Peter Milligan takes over the writing duties and it seems the art will alternate bewteen Calero and original (and unimpressive) title artist Miguel A Sepulveda. For now, however, we get one pretty good story that pits the Stormwatch team against the Gravity Miners and two of the team’s most dangerous members against each other.

I actually liked the scenes between Jenny Quatum and Midnighter, you know, before he tried to kill her and all. Although the logic of the Midnighter’s turn works okay, it’s not sold as well as I’d like and something this big (we’ve already had one traitor on the team) should have been foreshadowed. That said, I’m curious to see what the New 52’s view of a pissed off pre-teen Spirit of the 21st Century might look like.

The comic’s still rough in a several areas, but I like how Jenkins used the characters over the past two issues (with exception of another decidedly insipid Jack Hawksmoor subplot). Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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