Teen Titans #15

by Alan Rapp on January 9, 2013

in Comics

teen-titans-new-52-15-coverLike pretty much every other issue of Death of the Family, Teen Titans #15 is a mess that makes less sense the more you read it. Once again we get the Joker capturing a member of the Bat Family (this time Red Robin) and torturing him by saying (but once again failing to offer a single piece of evidence) that he knows the identities of every member of the Bat brood.

For no reason that makes any sense, the Joker dresses Red Robin in his classic Robin costume before talking at him non-stop for the rest of the issue. Meanwhile, the rest of the Teen Titans reach out to Batgirl for help now that they are lost in Gotham without their leader.

Although Batgirl proves less than helpful (as she tells them, as nicely as possible, to fuck off and deal with their own issues), the team does run into Arsenal and Starfire, seeking out their own member of the Bat Family, as the issue catches up with the final page of Red Hood and the Outlaws #15. I’m so ready for this crossover to end. Hit and Miss.

[DC, $2.99]

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