The Flash #17

by Alan Rapp on March 5, 2013

in Comics

The Flash #17Although the storyline has overstayed its welcome by at least one issue (and maybe two), “Gorilla Warfare” comes to a satisfactory end here as the Flash battles Grodd inside the Speed Force, Iris and the other victims trapped inside finally make it home, the Rogues‘ heroic stand comes to an end, and Barry Allen officially returns to the land of the living (using a similar ruse to bring back Clark Kent after the Death of Superman storyline).

Co-writer/artist Francis Manapul gives us plenty of action for the finale and manages to wrap up quite a few lingering threads in the process. He also foreshadows what’s coming next for the fastest man alive which includes more trouble with Dr. Elias and the first appearance since Flashpoint of the Reverse-Flash (who sadly, like nearly every other DC character, has gotten a thoroughly awful makeover).

The Flash #17 is a good conclusion to an arc that I enjoyed much of but am happy to see end. I’m interested to see what version of the Reverse Flash we’ll be getting, but I can’t be anything other than disappointed by another unnecessary redesign of a classically cool costume. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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