The Flash #21

by Alan Rapp on July 1, 2013

in Comics

The Flash #21Searching for answers about the mysterious killer connected to both the Speed Force and his symbol, the Flash runs down an uncooperative Kid Flash for some answers. Kid Flash proves apt enough to stop Barry Allen from catching him for much of the issue but not skilled enough to loose the Fastest Man Alive.

With not one but two speedsters writer/artist provides some beautiful shots of the pair racing around the world, although the comic does get into some questionable New 52 revisionism as once the two finally stop to talk as it suggests this version of Kid Flash may not be Bart Allen at all. Yes he’s from the future, but it appears his speed comes from a method other than the Speed Force and his total disdain for the Flash and any connection they have makes it seem unlikely they are related.

Honestly, I could have done with a less dickish Kid Flash (but that’s what I can say about nearly all the New 52 characters). Once again we get a cameo by the (horrendously redesigned) Reverse-Flash who may finally be turning his attention to our hero beginning next month. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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