The Rogues #1

by Alan Rapp on September 24, 2013

in Comics

The Rogues #1Although (like most DCU characters since the New 52 reboot) The Rogues are merely shadows of their former selves, The Rogues #1 is a fair bit better than the wretchedly awful Reverse-Flash #1. Of course since The Flash has already spent time fleshing out the history of The Rogues and their unnecessary power-infusion, there’s actually not much for this latest Forever Evil tie-in issue to do.

The main purpose of The Rogues #1 is to restate the tension between Captain Cold and the rest of the team following their power upgrades, retrieve The Trickster from prison, and return the trapped Mirror Master from the mirror realm (at the cost of Glider). Sadly, the team is still without Captain Boomerang (who is stuck leading the New 52 version of the Suicide Squad).

The last part of the issue catches up with the events of Grodd #1 as The Rogues find themselves once again forced to play hero and save their city from the gorilla invasion as the Flash and the rest of the Justice League have been taken out by the Secret Society of Super-Villains. For fans.

[DC, $2.99]

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