Worlds’ Finest #15

by Alan Rapp on August 20, 2013

in Comics

Worlds' Finest #15When the Huntress is abducted by Desaad and his minions, Power Girl jumps through the Boom Tube to rescue her friend. Despite not being a big fan of Desaad, I really enjoyed this issue as it allowed writer Paul Levitz and yet another new artist Emanuela Lupacchino (who has a knack for drawing our heroines, particularly Power Girl) to showcase a determined Kara’s impressive power set without worrying about collateral damage.

Other than a few panels of Desaad torturing Huntress (thankfully nothing too graphic), and her escape and reunion withe Kara, most of the comic features Power Girl ripping through the secret base of the stranded Apokolips‘ scientist. The comic ends on bit a twist as Kara and Helena make it home, but not before Desaad’s final move to screw with Power Girl’s powers.

Over the years Power Girl’s origins and powers have been tweaked several times. I’m assuming this latest move is to try and separate her a little from the New 52 Supergirl, but I’m hoping we aren’t going to see any huge lasting changes to the character. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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