Worlds’ Finest #17

by Alan Rapp on November 18, 2013

in Comics

Worlds' Finest #17As Power Girl heads off for a space adventure hoping that closer exposure to the sun may help stabilize her wonky powers, the Huntress continues to track down the super-powered arsonist targeting models and high-priced galas. Power Girl’s little space voyage isn’t cheap, and despite her hopes things don’t go exactly according to plan as the sun overwhelms her and sends an out-of-control super-charged heroine hurtling back towards Earth.

Helena doesn’t fair much better as the villain strikes another event before the Huntress can stop her. While pursuing the arsonist, Helena gets a front-row seat of her friend returning to Earth which makes Huntress give up her pursuit of her query to save her friend while questioning how someone with Kara’s power-set gets into so much trouble.

With Kara’s powers still on the fritz it may be time for the ladies to call in help, even if it means exposing themselves to possible questions about their origins. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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