Red Hood and the Outlaws #2

by Alan Rapp on October 26, 2011

in Comics

red-hood-and-the-outlaws-2-coverIssue #2 of Red Hood and the Outlaws gives us a little more back story into the New 52‘s version of Jason Todd. Not only to we get an appearance by Talia al Ghul, but we are given a flashback to Todd’s introduction to the All Caste and his thoughts on his resurrection.

Writer Scott Lobdell seems be using the beginning of Judd Winick‘s Red Hood: The Lost Days where Todd was brought to life in a zombie-like state and later regained his faculties by a dip in a Lazarus Pit. How he was brought back to life without Superboy-Prime‘s reality punch (remember none of DC’s Crisis series happened in this reality) has yet to be explained.

I was a bit confused given the rewriting which allows Roy Harper and Starfire to accompany the Red Hood on his journey (it’s obvious he left for the quest alone at the end of the first issue). It’s a litle confusing. However, those who were up in arms over the first issue’s deception of Starfire should be a bit molified that she’s been toned down in this issue. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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