Red Hood and the Outlaws #4

by Alan Rapp on November 16, 2016

in Comics

Red Hood and the Outlaws #4Red Hood‘s undercover mission inside Black Mask‘s criminal organization is put in jeopardy by the realization that the crime lord has gotten his hands on Bizarro. Jason attempts to make nice with the immensely powerful Superman clone while also attempting to keep his cover intact. Well, one out of two ain’t bad.

The reveal at the end of the issue that Black Mask knows who Jason is and what he’s really after (and has for some time) makes him a far more dangerous adversary (especially now that he’s figured out a way to control his super-human wrecking machine). It also raises questions as to just who is supplying Black Mask with such specific information, and why? I’m not sure the comic has any plans to reveal that information and the final panel suggests a more action-oriented next issue.

It looks like in Red Hood and the Outlaws #5 we’ll finally see the birth of the new Outlaws as a team. That is if Red Hood and Artemis can survive long enough to break Black Mask’s control over Bizarro. I’m guessing they will.) Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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