Red Hood and the Outlaws #5

by Alan Rapp on December 20, 2016

in Comics

Red Hood and the Outlaws #5 comic reviewContinuing the comic’s opening arc, Red Hood and the Outlaws #5 mainly centers around the Red Hood fighting for his life against the Black Mask controlled Bizarro. Unwilling to let Jason fend for himself, Artemis returns to help even-up the odds allowing the Red Hood to distract the super-villain while Artemis attempts to control his super pawn (easier said than done).

I’m looking forward to see how this plays out. As we’ve seen hinted at in the prior issues Jason is tempted to choose a more permanent solution to Black Mask, but instead chooses to keep his word to Batman. No killing (even if doing so here would have freed Bizarro and taken an unstoppable weapon out of the hands of a sociopathic gangster).

By the end of next month’s issue we should have an united team. The question I have is what do a former sidekick with a dark past, a fallen Amazon, and a broken Superman clone do going forward? Are they heroes, are they vigilantes? Are they criminals? I’m very curious to see where writer Scott Lobdell decides to take this unusual threesome next. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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