Red Sonja #3

by Alan Rapp on September 18, 2013

in Comics

Red Sonja #3Lost in the mountains, delirious and near death, Red Sonja‘s encounter with a white stag forces the She-Devil with a Sword to cease fighting the plague which is slowly killing her and lay down in the snow to await death. However, it appears the world isn’t quite down with Sonja just yet as Ayla and Nias arrive with news of a cure.

Most of Red Sonja #3 takes place in an extended flashback sequence giving writer Gail Simone her chance to relate Red Sonja’s bloody origins and the young warrior’s first kill (slowly followed by 20 or so more) after being forced to watch her village ransacked and burned and her family and friends killed for no reason other than the boredom of the horde that cuts through them with wicked glee.

In the sequences that follow we see Sonja bury the members of her tribe before setting out for vengeance against those who have wronged them. One-by-one the forest girl hunts down and takes her own bloody vengeance on those who have destroyed everything she loved.

The bloodiest issue of the new series yet, Simone succeeds in giving both new and old fans of the character a look at the crucible of fire which formed her and sent Red Sonja into the world alone seeking something she has forever lost and left buried deep in her past. Worth a look.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99]

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