Rocket Raccoon and Groot #5

by Alan Rapp on May 13, 2016

in Comics

Rocket Raccoon and Groot #5

Rocket Raccoon and Groot‘s vacation is rudely interrupted by a viking warrior who captures both heroes and takes the back to her home planet to face the charges of stealing on of her people’s most sacred relics. Despite the relative comfort the two are shown when the planet’s ruler declares Groot a god, things are not all sunshine and roses for the pair, especially once Rocket’s abductor explains the truth about the machinations of the viking she is forced to serve.

Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and a planet full of vikings determined to throw our wooden friend into a volcano as a sacrifice, what more could you want. I also really enjoy the more cartoon-style take on our intrepid heroes by artist Jay P. Fosgitt. Worth a look.


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