Rocket Raccoon: Tales from Half-World

by Alan Rapp on September 5, 2013

in Comics

Rocket Raccoon: Tales from Half-WorldRepackaging $3 worth of nearly 30 year-old comics for $8 takes some balls, but as the comic stars Rocket Raccoon and was drawn by Mike Magnola I’m willing to overlook the hefty price-tag for Rocket Raccoon: Tales from Half-World which collects all four of the original issues of the 1985 Rocket Racoon mini-series.

The series centers around Rocket Raccoon’s job as guardian of an insane asylum cut off from the rest of space where animals have been bred and genetically manipulated to take care of the large collection of cosmic whackjobs. Events from the series include Rocket and his first mate (a talking walrus appropriately named Wal Rus) taking on a Toy War, killer clowns, the theft of the the Halfworld Bible, and saving Rocket’s love Lylla from an evil villain.

The $8 cover price (each issue was originally 75¢) is pretty steep for this nostalgic look back at Rocket Raccoon’s early adventures but for both old and new fans of the character there’s definitely some wacky fun to be had. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $7.99]

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