Scarlet Spider #12.1

by Alan Rapp on December 24, 2012

in Comics

scarlet-spider-12-1-coverI put Marvel’s .1 issues in the same unnecessary column as DC’s Zero issues and foil comic covers. Marvel has no problem releasing multiple comics for a paticular title during the same month (hell, it’s become common practice for Marvel NOW!) and slapping a .1 on the cover (which originally meant a reintroduction to the character) doesn’t really mean the same thing anymore because of the sheer number of these the House of Ideas has pushed out.

That said, Scarlet Spider #12.1 is an interesting read. I’d call it a one-shot, featuring Houston’s hero taking on white slavery, but the fact is the comic lays the groundwork for huge changes for our killer turned hero (which, when you think about it, is kind of a dick move for a .1 issue to do).

While tracking a killer whose mark reminds Kaine of his past, the Scarlet Spider takes on the gangs of Houston and The Hand who have shown up to make their presence known in the port city. And, if that news isn’t bad enough for our hero, the Kingpin appears to have major plans for Houston as well. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $2.99]

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