Scarlet Spider #6

by Alan Rapp on June 17, 2012

in Comics

Scarlet Spider #6Along with showcasing how Houston’s new hero has taken the city by storm the latest issue of Scarlet Spider puts quite a few stories in motion. We get Kaine squaring off with Ana Kravinoff, his growing frustration with Aracely‘s ability to know more about him than she should (and maybe even more than than he knows about himself), and a couple references to a blue hoodie and the man who used to be known as Scarlet Spider.

The story also gives us a little more information on Aracely and how she’s connected to the mysterious Mexica and “The Darkness” as well as foreshadowing the return of Madame Web and Kraven the Hunter, both of whom have their sites set on the new Scarlet Spider.

Another good issue that give us a big throwdown between Kaine and Ana in a burning church as well as some humorous moments between the frustrated hero and Aracely and some contemplative moments about as Kaine gets used to his new role and place in the world. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $2.99]

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