Star Trek: Boldly Go #1

by Alan Rapp on October 25, 2016

in Comics

Star Trek: To Boldly Go #1Set after the events of Star Trek Beyond, the new IDW comic series picks up with the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise dispersed across the galaxy in new assignments. The first issue of the new series jumps around to allow us to check in on each member of the bridge crew (and their engineer, of course).

Kirk has taken a one-year mission to lead the U.S.S. Endeavor (and brought Bones along). Spock and Uhura have taken an extended vacation on Vulcan. Scotty is back on Earth at Starfleet Command. And Sulu is now the First Officer of the U.S.S. Concord. An attack on the Concord leads to the introduction of a classic Star Trek: The Next Generation villain far earlier than in the original timeline. Reaching the wreckage of the ship, Kirk is able to rescue Sulu and a few members of the Concord’s crew whose enemy left them with a simple message: “Resistance is futile.”

The introduction of the Borg so early in the revamped continuity certainly leads to some serious problems for Starfleet. A century later, with more advanced technology, Starfleet could barely survive encounters with the cybernetic lifeforms. What hope does Kirk and his generation have? Worth a look.

[IDW, $3.99]

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