Super Dinosaur #16

by Alan Rapp on January 2, 2013

in Comics

super-dinosaur-16-coverI have four words for you: Super Dinosaur in space! If that isn’t enough to pique your interest than I don’t know what else to say.

When trouble arises on the moon Derek Dynamo and Super Dinosaur are sent to the secret “Inner-Moon” colony of the Kalish who include two races, the Krill and the Sloon, whose differences have led to an all-out civil war inside the heart of the moon.

Finally getting the two sides to stop fighting, Derek uncovers the reason for the recent heating up of the long-dormant feud. The son and daughter of both leaders have vanished, secretly traveling to Earth, sparking the renewal of the hostilities. To keep the delicate temporary truce, Derek and SD will have to return to Earth and find the pair and bring them home.

Fun stuff. I especially like seeing Super Dinosaur in his own space suit. The comic seems to foreshadow a Romeo and Juliet tale between the offspring of the warring tribes, but we’ll have to wait until next month to see if that’s case. Worth a look.

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