Super Dinosaur #17

by Alan Rapp on February 11, 2013

in Comics

Super Dinosaur #17Derek and Super Dinosaur continue to try and stop the Civil War on the moon by hunting down the missing children of both families in Paris and explaining what their Romeo & Juliet love affair and unexplained disappearance has wrought.

There’s a good amount of action here, including Super Dinosaur breaking out his new Stealth Jet Armor for the first time. While playing on a Shakespearean story, Robert Kirkman certainly doesn’t go too highbrow to turn off his younger readers (both Derek and SD are amused and disgusted to learn the alien bugs eat poop). It’s a little sophomoric (especially as Kirkman brings up the subject multiple times) but certainly not out of character for our heroes.

The comic’s B-story continues Dr. Dynamo’s search for his wife. The final pages bring Derek in on the truth of his missing mother and set the stage for the comic’s next big arc. Worth a look.

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