Super Dinosaur #5

by Alan Rapp on October 17, 2011

in Comics

super-dinosaur-5-coverIf you’re not reading this title then there’s something wrong with you. Just when you thought Super Dinosaur couldn’t get any crazier (it is about a kid and a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a robot exoskeleton fighting evil, after all) writer Robert Kirkman and and Jason Howard prove us wrong by upping the ante of wonderfully crazy awesome one more time.

This issue finds Derek and Super Dinosaur defending their home from evil super-genius Max Maximus and his latest creation: the Mega-Raptor! How do you fight the Mega-Raptor? I’m so glad you asked! You put Derek and Super Dinosaur into giant robots that merge to create an even more impressive super giant robot!

This insane battle wraps up the comic’s first story arc and even lays down a little foreshadowing for a possible rift between Derek and his dino-pal. And even in defeat Maximus still manages to get the upper hand by asking Dr. Dynamo about his missing wife. Great art and insane action makes this one an easy recommendation. Best of the week.

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