Supergirl #62

by Alan Rapp on March 29, 2011

in Comics

supergirl-62-coverWith the help of Robin, Miss Martian, and Blue Beetle, Supergirl tries to find out who has it in for the young heroes of the DCU. Her search leads to the ruins of a Cadmus facility and lands her team in some hot water. Let’s just say in terms of strategy Supergirl isn’t exactly Batman (or even the son of Batman).

As a standalone this issue is fine, but nothing special. The storyline involving the evil shadow group and the killer Facebook app is moved forward, and it’s interesting to see writer James Peaty give the character a little grit and chip on her shoulder as well as play on the whole rushing into danger trait her cousin has been known for over the years. It’s what you’d expect from a second issue in a story arc, but nothing more.

I was slightly disappointed with the harder Supergirl which takes away from some of the fun of the Girl of Steel/Damian relationship. However, I did enjoy the scene between Kara and Lois Lane which points out not only Supergirl’s hubris but and why you shouldn’t underestimate her.

[DC, $2.99]

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