Supreme #68

by Alan Rapp on January 14, 2013

in Comics

Writer/artist Erik Larsen’s run on Supreme ends here with Mean Supreme‘s final battle with Khromium and the former Supremes making plans to regain their powers with the help of Darius Duck.

Although the issue is fun, the art, particularly the scenes involving Original Supereme‘s attempts at a normal life, attempting to get a job, and his relationship with Sister Supreme, look rushed. This is mainly due the fact that Larsen is taking on double duty on this final issue without the assistance of artist Cory Hamscher. The result is several panels of rough sketches which appear to have been inked whether or not they were ready to be. That said, Squeak the Supremouse still looks cool.

The art is a little distracting and may not send Larsen out with the bang I was hoping for, but there’s certainly enough here for fans of the character inducing foreshadowing of the possible return of the Supremacy and the arrival of a new baby Supreme in the not too distant future. For fans.

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