The Lone Ranger: Snake of Iron #3

by Alan Rapp on October 20, 2012

in Comics

lone-ranger-snake-of-iron-3-coverTonto and his fellow passengers on-board the halted train try to keep the attacking Kiowa war party at bay hoping that help will arrive before they all are killed or freeze to death. Back at Fort Griffin, the Lone Ranger argues tirelessly with the garrison’s commander to ride out into the blizzard and bring peace to the local tribe with the help of Miss Travers’ camel who the braves believe is the legendary spirit horse.

When the news arrives of the train’s failure to arrive at its destination, the Lone Ranger convinces the commander to follow his lead and set out the next morning. However, to locate the exact location of the train somewhere in a 200 mile stretch will take luck, or, if Tonto is correct, the right horse to lead the Lone Ranger and Silver back to him.

The issue showcases the rising tension in both situations, but it looks like we’ll have to wait at least another month before the two storylines converge and the Lone Ranger arrives to help his faithful Indian companion. For fans.

[Dynamite, $3.99]

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