The Return of the Secret Six

by Alan Rapp on September 10, 2008

in Comics

  • Title: The Secret Six #1
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“Grant’s characters [from Final Crisis] are high-minded lunatics with visions of universal conquest, while mine are more like desperate carny roustabouts with the clap.”
—writer Gale Simone

The Secret Six return with this new series from writer Gail Simone and artist Nicola Scott.  For those unfamiliar, the Six are a group of villains banded together for mutual interest and money making endeavors.  The new team returns Catman, Deadshot, Ragdoll, and Scandal Savage. and introduces the newest member, Bane.

Here we’re introduced to a new behind-the-scenes villain (or better described as a villain in a box), and by the end of the issue the team has a mission which no one thinks is a good idea.

The first issue is a bit too much set-up, but once the story gets moving and we can see these guys interact, the fun really starts.  There are two great moments worth talking about.

The first includes and interlude with Deadshot and Catman, out of costume, at a convenience store discussing morality as the place is held up by a couple of gangbangers.  The two disarm them and Deadshot actually stops to give them a lesson on the proper way to rob someone, plus Catman’s confusing attempts at trying to play hero.  Priceless.

The second involves the team’s attempt to cheer up Scandal with a hooker dressed like her dead lover Knockout, only realizing at the last moment that maybe this wasn’t the best idea they ever had.  As Bane puts it, “This does not seem morally defensible.”

There have been those who complained over the look of the previous mini-series.  Here Nicola Scott gives the book a cleaner look which still manages to show the grime the group lives in.  Add with cameos from Huntress and Batman and you’ve got a slow building good first entry to the new series.

Longtime comic readers, especially Batman readers, should get a kick out of the fun presented here.  As first issues go this one is pretty strong, and as a lifetime fan of Catman (oh c’mon, he’s awesome!) I can’t wait to for more.

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