Titans #1

by Alan Rapp on August 8, 2016

in Comics

Titans #1Clad in a new costume, Titans #1 continues to focus on the return of Wally West. Working with his old teammates once again, Lilith attempts to see into Wally’s mind and find some trace of the person responsible for removing him from reality.

It appears DC isn’t going to introduce Dr. Manhattan any time soon. However, Titans #1 does reintroduce a classic Flash villain who seems genuinely ready to take responsibility for wiping Wally out of resistance. Is Abra Kadabra just Manhattan’s beard, or does the futuristic magician honestly believe he is responsible for shifting Wally out of existence (and all the other New 52 changes)?

The issue also gives us the rest of the team searching for answers in more traditional means, and the beginning of a subplot involving Linda Park looking into the strange man who appeared to her in a flash of lightning. Even if she doesn’t remember her former husband, Wally made enough of an impression to trigger Linda’s reporting instincts and begin to look for her own answers. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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