Young Justice #22

by Alan Rapp on November 25, 2012

in Comics

young-justice-22-coverWith SupermanSuperboyCaptain AtomCaptain Marvel, and Wonder Woman all trapped on the moon and several other members of both Young Justice and the Justice League trapped inside an impenetrable sphere surrounding Metropolis the remaining members of the team work together with the Atom, the Flash, and the Martian Manhunter to figure out just what the hell is going on as Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy head to the moon on a rescue mission.

The story is a little more focused this time around, but we still get more more five-year flashbacks involving Dick Grayson‘s relationships with the ladies of the team. As good as these are by themselves, these flashbacks continue to be somewhat disorienting, especially as they have yet to be tied directly to the current situation our heroes find themselves in.

The issue is certainly packed with characters including several of the newer members of the Young Justice team including Batgirl, Wonder Girl, Zatanna and Blue Beetle, and even a surprise cameo by Plastic Man. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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