Young Justice #23

by Alan Rapp on December 27, 2012

in Comics

young-justice-23-coverThe current storyline continues as Superman, Superboy, Captain Atom, Captain Marvel, and Wonder Woman fight off Braniac‘s crystallized minion in space the various Young Justice teams try break through the impenetrable field surrounding Metropolis and discover more information about the spaceship floating above the city.

Although the comic is fun, it does feel far too much like treading water and needlessly stretching out the arc as none of the major stories are moved that far forward. However, we do get an appearance by the Young Justice version of Deashot in the flashback to five years ago (that is still be awkwardly continued along with the current storyline). Although he isn’t quite wearing his classic costume, the villain certainly looks better than his New 52 makeover.

There’s enough here for fans, including appearances by several members of the team, but it’s certainly not a must-read and could probably be skipped without missing a beat of the overall arc. For fans.

[DC, $2.99]

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