Nintendo, it’s Wii-tastic!

by Alan Rapp on July 12, 2007

in Gaming News & Reviews 

During their press conference at E3 Nintendo unveiled both the Wii Zapper and the new Wii Wheel, both of which should send Wii owners into nerdtastic ecstasy induced wii-gasms (and yes, until I get a Wii, I continue to hate you all!).  The Zapper [$19.99] will be available for use with the upcoming releases of “Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles” (Seriously?  That’s your title?  I think this series has gone on long enough…) and “Ghost Squad.”  The Wii Wheel will be packaged with “Mario Kart Wii.”  Also of interest, and need given the health of many gamers, is the new “WiiFit,” a balance board and interactive software which combines various methods of exercising including both yoga and aerobics to keep you in shape when you aren’t playing “Super Mario Galaxy” (set to be released by Thanksgiving), and will keep track of a player’s progress over time.  Pretty damn cool, if you ask us!  For more on this, and other news from E3, check out the good folks at G4 bringing you near round the clock coverage straight from the floor.

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