The Adventures of Batman and Robin

by Alan Rapp on July 17, 2008

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I’ve played my share of Batman video games and by far my favorite remains The Adventures of Batman and Robin for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  Capturing the look of the Batman the Animated Series the game, with high quality graphics, and music from specific episodes, made you feel like you are playing the show itself, and was a blast to play.  Take a look inside as we review the game!

Graphics/Style – Remembering, of course, that this game was made for the 16-bit SNES, the graphics are quite good even compared to many current releases.  The world, and each level, are based on the style of Batman the Animated Series and many of the levels, especially that of the Riddler, are based on specific episodes of the series.  It’s like you are playing a real cartoon!

Gameplay – Fun, fun, fun!  Your basic action-adventure platform of the time, divided into levels which Batman has to clear to move onto the next stage.  Each of the levels has own challenges allowing you to use various bat-gadgets, the Batmobile, race rooftops, and solve puzzles, through the various levels of the game.  Both response and character reaction time are good for this style of game.

Length/Difficulty – Not uber-difficult, but challenging enough to keep your interest by offering a variety of different levels and challenges.  Aside from several thugs Batman gets to beat up on the way the game includes several Bat-villains including – the Joker, the Penguin, Catwoman, the Riddler, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Clayface, and Man-Bat.

Sound – The game actually incorporates quite a bit of the music from the original series, even matching specific moments from the episodes in which they occurred.  Pretty cool!

Overall, an immensely fun Batman game (thanks Konami) which still hasn’t been topped.  If I still had a SNES chances are I’d still be playing this game (along with those awesome Super Star Wars games).

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