Beethoven’s Big Break

by December Lambeth on December 23, 2008

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  • Title: Beethoven’s Big Break
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Beethoven’s Big Break is a family fun lov’n good time. It might be number 5 or 7 in the series, but overall for innocent family/kid TV watching goodness this old dog has got some new tricks, and a few old ones too. Who doesn’t love a 185-lb St Bernard and all his litter coming over for dinner? There are a few laughs, good tunes for the younger audience like the Jonas Brothers and Everlife and a handful of somewhat comical actors like Johathan Silverman and Eddie Grifin. Beethoven’s Big Break is all right for what it is; yet another big slobbering dog makes funny family film.

Oh no, someone has planned to kidnap this adorable lug and hold him for ransom. Will Eddie (Jonathan Silverman) be able to save Beethoven or will the mean bad guys keep him for good? Eddie, an animal trainer and single dad, ends up attempting to train the new star of a big Hollywood hit, a 185-lb St Bernard named Beethoven. First his son, Billy (Moises Arias), straggles home with Beethoven and his rascally lot of puppies and Eddie tries to stick to his NO ANIMALS ALLOWED rules, but he’s a big ole’ sucker and falls for it. Now he finds that Beethoven has taken over a big screen role and he has to train him. Whatever shall Eddie do?

Next time someone asks me if I want to review a DVD, I’ll ask what it is first. No seriously, this wasn’t the worse experience of the year for me, and interesting enough I always found the first Beethoven of the series to be funny and sincere. This one is no different, it’s no Turner and Hooch, but it’s worth a gander and I would say a perfect gift for a stocking or under the tree, but it doesn’t come out till the day after Christmas. Way to go guys, nice job, glad to see you thought that one all the way through! What, hoping that kids would come a running with their hard cold Christmas cash to buy up the lovable, adorable and way more than cuddly St Bernard, Beethoven’s Big Break?

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