Cars 2 on Blu-ray

by Alan Rapp on November 8, 2011

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  • Title: Cars 2
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cars-2-blu-rayAlthough far different in tone and story than the first film (which I love to no end) Cars 2 moves from themes of small town life to take its characters overseas for the World Grand Prix. And the most unlikely one of the bunch will find himself in the middle of a spy adventure. For more on the film check my the original review.

The movie works as well on DVD and Blu-ray as it did in the theaters. The look of the World Grand Prix is terrific and the spy story (even if it does center around one of my least favorite characters) provides some great moments.

The two-disc set includes Blu-ray and DVD copies of the film, commentary by director John Lasseter, and a pair of animated shorts, “Hawaiian Vacation” and “Air Mater.” The five-disc set also includes a 3D disc, digital download, and a few extra features including deleted scenes, documentaries, and a world tour exploring the various cities used in the film.

Most fans (unless they have a 3D television) should be fine with the two-disc set. Even if it is one of Pixar’s weaker sequels, it’s still gorgeous and an easy recommendation.

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