Highlander – The Source (of Crap)

by Alan Rapp on February 26, 2008

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  • Title: Highlander: The Source
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“I am Duncan MacLeod, of the Clan MacLeod.”

Highlander: The SourceSet in the post-apocalyptic near future the film finds Duncan (Adrian Paul) married and separated from his wife (Thekla Reuten).  Methos (Peter Wingfield) and Joe Dawson are both still around as well, and searching for their friend who needs rescuing from the unleashed Guardian of the Source (Cristian Solimeno) who has been awakened by other Immortals seeking the the source of their immortality.

The threesome take a trip to a monastery where an Elder (Patrice Naiambana) “explains” of their need to find the source and stop the Guardian.  The friends, along with Reggie (Stephen Wight) and Duncan’s wife, who is having visions of the Source, take on the quest.

Where to begin?  The film is cursed in every way possible including being set in an apocalyptic future that is never explained nor explored.  Obviously it isn’t set too far in the future as Joe Dawson hasn’t aged; so what happened to make things go downhill so quickly?

Nor does the plot involving the Source, the alignment of the planets, or the Guardian himself – perhaps the worst Highlander villain ever, with the power to make himself move blurry in slow motion – make any sense at all.  Instead of building on existing material the movie decides to chuck it all and start fresh.  Well the last time the franchise did that we got Highlander II: The Quickening (which this film makes look Oscar worthy by comparison!).

And as bad as everything else which precedes it the movie ends with the most groan worthy moment in the entire franchise as Duncan and Anna embark on a new journey that will make the heads of longtime fans of the series explode with rage and disbelief.

This movie is less cinematic than almost every single episode of the television series.  A disaster from beginning to end, Highlander: The Source is better off forgotten.  The first of three proposed made-for-TV films for the Sci-Fi Channel, we can only hope the others have been canceled or are getting a complete script overhaul to write this off as a bad dream sequence.  On the bright side at least Highlander 2: The Quickening can’t be referred to as the worst Highlander film anymore.  I guess that’s something.

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