by Alan Rapp on October 5, 2017

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  • Title: Silverado
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Silverado movie reviewToday’s throwback Thursday post takes us on the road to Silverado. Lawrence Kasdan‘s post-modern western about four strangers (Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Kevin Costner, and Danny Glover) coming together to fight injustice in a western town ruled over by corrupt sheriff (Brian Dennehy) and greedy landowner (Ray Baker) is as entertaining today as when it was released in theaters 32 years ago.

Shot on location New Mexico by cinematographer John Bailey and set to the Academy Award nominated score by Bruce Broughton, Silverado is a love letter to the classic western focusing on themes of frontier justice, hard choices, and standing up for what’s right. Each of the four characters is given their own arc as Paden (Kline) finds his loyalties tested, Emmett (Glenn) and Mal (Glover) both stand up for family, and Jake (Costner) fights his own impulsive nature. The film is peppered with entertaining supporting roles from the likes of John Cleese, Rosanna Arquette, Linda Hunt, Jeff Goldblum, Lynn Whitfield, Amanda Wyss, and Jeff Fahey as the menacing Tyree.

Silverado has been released several times on DVD and Blu-ray which include an informative behind-the-scenes featurette on the making of the film.

As a film focused on celebrating the western it’s a must-see for fans of the genre. From the horseback stunts, to the gunfights, to the loving shots of the horizon, to the great character moments, Lawrence Kasdan and his brother Mark, who co-wrote the script, succeed in providing the kind of western adventure all too uncommon in theaters today.

[Sony Pictures, Blu-ray $17.47 / DVD $14.99]

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