The First Season of Hawaii Five-0

by Alan Rapp on October 11, 2011

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  • Title: Hawaii Five-0 – The Complete First Season
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hawaii-five-0-first-season-dvdLast year CBS decided to reboot one of its popular cop dramas from the 1970s. Hawaii Five-O followed the adventures of the special state police force led by former U.S. naval officer Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord). The updated version of the show has proved to be a hit with both critics and audiences. And any show that gives you a built in excuse to see Grace Park in a bikini every week can’t be that bad of an idea.

After the death of his father (William Sadler) Navy Intelligence officer Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) agrees to put together a special task force to track down the man responsible (James Marsters) and solve crimes the regular police aren’t equipped to solve.

The team McGarrett puts together includes Newark Police Detective Danny Williams (Scott Caan) who has moved to the island to be closer to his daughter Grace (Teilor Grubbs), Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) a former police officer falsely accused of taking money, and Chin’s cousin Kono (Park) fresh out of the academy.

The First Season cases include a search for a kidnapped cyber terrorism expert (Scott Cohen), the discovery of a partnership between Samoan gangs and a mainland mob, tracking down an escaped prisoner (Balthazar Getty), the search for the missing daughter of the American Ambassador to the Philippines (Kyle Secor), a death on a swimsuit photoset, the investigation into the death of Kono’s friend and mentor, the search for a stolen armored car, tracking down a serial killer, a missing Tsunami Warning Director, the search for a witness (Mariana Klaveno) to a brutal crime now lost in the jungle of Hawaii, a boat full of college students abducted by pirates, a dead super-hero, the investigation into the death of Danny’s former partner, and a bio-terroism attack.

The team is also called in when an ex-Navy SEAL (Adam Beach) takes hostages aboard the USS Missouri, to protect a brutal dictator (Ric Young) from an assassination attempt, and uncover the identity of the ringleader (Mark Dacascos) of the men who killed McGarret’s father. The death of an aunt forces Chin Ho to come clean about the charges that got him kicked off the force, and in the season finale McGarret uncovers a connection between the Governor (Jean Smart) and Wo Fat.


Recurring roles in First Season include McGarrett’s troublesome sister (Taryn Manning), Taylor Wily as the team’s super-sized informant, Claire van der Boom as Danny’s ex-wife, Smart as the Governor of Hawaii, Masi Oka as the team’s medical examiner, and Michelle Borth as McGarrett’s on-again/off-again girlfriend. Guest-stars include Kevin SorboIvana Milicevic, Nick Lachey, Bijou PhillipsVanessa Minnillo, Ray WiseBronson Pinchot, Sean Combs, JoJo, Kelly HuRick Springfield, and Dane Cook as Danny’s brother.

The six-disc set includes deleted scenes, CBS launch promos, the cast at comic-con, a look at re-scoring the theme song, Grace Park’s Hawaiian tour,  featurettes on the first season, rebooting the franchise, and the making of the pilot, and commentary for a pair of episodes by Peter Lenkov, Len Wiseman, Roberto Orci, by O’Laughlin, Park, Caan, Kim, and director Brad Turner.

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