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  • Title: Caper
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Created by Amy Berg and Mike Sizemore, Caper was a nine-part web series set in the fictitious now of Los Angles where a group of broke super-heroes struggled with life in the big city. For a Leverage fan, the show is most notable for Beth Riesgraf playing one of a trio of super-powered and near-invulnerable gods (along with Hartley Sawyer and Harry Shum Jr.) who share a crappy apartment with a genius human inventor (Abby Miller) responsible for an Iron Man style suit which she uses to fight crime alongside her friends.

The main conflict from the series revolves around the group’s money troubles and Penny’s (Miller) relationship to the douchey head (Joel Gretsch) of the company which paid for the suit she created and who everyone wrongly believes is actually city’s the armor-clad hero. The two issues combine when the team decides to rob the douche’s vault, getting a little revenge for Penny and making a cash grab as well. There are also subplots involving a villain (Ricco Ross) who trains the good guys to be bad and a new super-villain (James Callis) in town who has his own plans for the heroes.

Produced on a shoestring budget that includes using animated sequences for most of the series’ action scenes, Caper has the charm of a fan film with far better acting. With each segment running about 10 minutes the entire run is a quick and enjoyable experience even if the budgetary constraints limit certain aspects of the show. (And I’m always up for seeing Riesgraf kick some ass.)

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