If I Rebooted the DCU (Part One)

by Alan Rapp on August 17, 2011

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In a couple of weeks DC Comics will be rebooting their entire universe with 52 new first issues. Some of the new comics intrigue me, but quite a few do not. This starting me thinking, what if I rebooted the DCU?

To keep each post a reasonable length, and to mirror DC’s own announcement structure, I’ve split the reboot into four posts each covering 13 issues. Where I could I kept ideas DC wanted to explore in the relaunch (when not incredibly stupid like Voodoo), and even included titles I’m personally not all that high on but characters I know have a devoted fan base. You’ll find I’ve also kept far more of the current titles than DC’s proposed reboot, and brought back a few personal favorites as well.

There are a few titles I’ve assigned specific artists and writers for, but for the most part I’ve left those as open spots to be filled. If you’ve got ideas, please leave a comment. You’ll also find that more than a quarter of my choices focus on female leads, including a couple on this first list.

Part One will examine most of the DCU’s big names (other than Batman) which make up the core of the DCU such as Green Lantern, Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Part Two will focus on the Bat-titles. Part Three will focus on most of the team-based titles. And Part Four will wrap everything else into one final list with DC’s magic titles and few other familiar faces as well.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Action Comics
writer Kurt Busiek

We’re else are we going to start other than the comic that launched the Golden Age of super-heroes. Action Comics is one of three Superman titles I’ve included on the list. It will focus on Superman and his supporting cast using the character’s current look and design. Under DC’s current line-up Grant Morrison will be getting the Action Comics reboot duties, but I’d prefer someone like Kurt Busiek.

writer George Perez

Much like Action Comics, Superman will focus on DC’s big hitter using the current design and format of the hero. DC has planned for George Perez to write the title. That works for me.

Man of Steel

I’ve included a third title for Superman as an anthology title focusing on Superman stories that writers want to tell but don’t really fit into the hero’s current story arcs. These could take place anytime during his career (maybe even including some of those wacky Silver Age adventures of Jimmy Olsen as well). I’d see this title with a rotating artist and writer team which would give each story, or story arc, its own feel.

writer – Bryan Q. Miller, artist Ian Churchill OR Bernard Chang

Bryan Q. Miller has done an unbelievable job breathing new life into Stephanie Brown, I’d say its about time we give him another character in need of a fresh outlook. Rather than the Kara DC has in mind, I’d keep the current version of Supergirl, who has had her moments (including a pretty enjoyable issue of Batgirl). I always liked Ian Chuchill’s look of the character, but I’d also be fine with recent artist Bernard Chang.

Wonder Woman
writer Walt Simonson, artist Art Adams

Wonder Woman’s history is a mess that wasn’t helped by her recent reboot. I’d go back to the classic character, dumping the pants and drama, not allow the mythology to weigh the character down too much, and let Dianna flourish in the DCU. She deserves it. To make sure this one is a must read, I’d go with a creative team of Walt Simonson and Art Adams. Admit it, you’d pick up that comic, wouldn’t you?

Green Lantern

Hal Jordan. Never to be written by Ron Marz. ’nuff said.

The Flash
writer Geoff Johns

Barry Allen’s back protecting Central City against some of his old Rogues and a few new villains as well. Until DC decides what it really wants to do with Wally West I’d throw him some back-up stories here as well. I’d like a fresh take on GL, but I think Geoff Johns could have some good Barry Allen stories left to tell.

Green Arrow & Speedy

Get me out of the mopey Oliver Queen stories and the archer of Sherwood Forest routine. This series would reboot the character yet again. As I think Green Arrow works best when he has another character to play off of (and I’m not ready to put him back with Black Canary) I’ve included Green Arrow’s female partner Speedy as part of the title.


Personally, I’ve never been that big fan of Aquaman (although I find the Batman: The Brave and the Bold version hilarious), but I know DC wants the character to have his own title, and I think if it were handled correctly it could be done well.

Booster Gold
writer Dan Jurgens

Give me more Booster Gold stories by Dan Jurgens (although I wouldn’t object to Keith Giffen writing the title, either). The Greatest Hero the World has Never Known continues as Booster bounces around the timestream and saves the day. I think there are quite a few artists who have done the character justice so I have no real preference there (except for not tweaking the character’s costume).

Blue Beetle

I loved Ted Kord, but I’ve come to really enjoy Jaime Reyes as the Blue Beetle. The character deserves his own title. The only trouble his is choosing the right writer. John Rogers, my first choice, is still heavily involved with Leverage and doesn’t have the time for a full-time title. DC has chosen to go with Tony Bedard, who would be an okay choice, but I’d be open to others as well.

Captain Atom
writer Cathy Bates

I do love me some Captain Atom, and I’m totally onboard with DC wanting to give the character his own title again. No arguments here. I’d go with writer Cathy Bates, who wrote the majority of this Captain Atom’s previous on-going title.

The Atom and Hawkman

Here are two heroes that quite deserve their own comic but should be a part of the DCU. My conclusion? Reboot the old Atom and Hawkman title and throw the two of them together to help sell the comic. Personally, I’m a bigger fan of Ray Palmer than Ryan Choi, but Choi would work better here as a young hero Hawkman has taken under his wing (so to speak). Much like the 60’s title this would be a mix of team-up stories as well as separate Hawkman and Atom stories.

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