Who’s That Girl – Taylor Cole

by Alan Rapp on June 8, 2021

in Top Tens & Lists

Who's That Girl - Taylor ColeAlways the bridesmaid, never the bride. True, she might not grab the starring role, but she finds a way to make an immediate and lasting impression whether in only a single scene we can’t quite forget where she effortlessly steals the spotlight before fading back into anonymity or popping up in movies and television over the years here and there, almost always reminding us that we have seen her before even if we can’t quite remember where. Even if we can’t quite think her name we immediately recognize her face and search furiously through our brains to remember where we have seen “that girl” before.

Taylor Cole is an American actress and former fashion model perhaps best known for her roles in The WB series Summerland and in several Hallmark TV-movies including as the title character Ruby Herring in a series of Ruby Herring Mysteries. Cole has also appeared in several movies including April Fool’s Day, Dumbbells, 12 Rounds, and guest-starred in various television series including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, NUMB3RS, Second Chance, and Castle. She also had recurring roles on a number of series including The Originals, The Event, Heroes, and CSI: Miami.

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