Blue Crush

by December Lambeth on June 5, 2007

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  • Title: Blue Crush
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blue-crush-posterPlot line wasn’t as deep as the surf on the beach, but the surfing scenes where awesome. The imagery and shots they caught, as if you where on the board with them, are intense.

Ann Marie (Kate Bosworth, before she became a bobble head) plays a surfer girl who lives in a shack with her 2 friends, Eden (Michelle Rodriguez) and Lena (Sanoe Lake), and her little sister Penny (Mika Boorem). She’s left with the care of her little sister who goes through her rebellious teen days, staying out late and hooking up with really bad surfer guys. Not only does Ann have to worry about her sister, but is always struggling with bills; Ann, Eden and Lena work as maids at a luxury resort trying to make ends meet. She wakes up bright and early in the morning and hits the waves, trying to overcome the tragedy of last year’s Rip Masters surfing contest where she wiped out and almost died. However, there is nothing she wants more than to prove herself as a serious and bodacious surfer chic, but she struggles with the nerve to get out there and do it.

The girls finally find an additional income through teaching NFL football players how to surf. This is where the film gets pretty damn comical and romantic; Ann gets a little heady when she is pursued by NFL quarterback Matt Tollman (Matthew Davis, serious hottie). She gets lost in a world of leisure, after losing her job at the resort, hanging out with Matt, attending parties and ordering room service. Finally, at a luau Ann over hears snobby rich girls talking trash about her in the bathroom and realizes that this isn’t the world she lives in and, with the help of Eden, finally pulls her head out of the clouds and gets back to being serious about the upcoming Rip Masters contest.

Of course, everything works out how it should be in the end. She rides her waves with some hesitation at first and then gets out there and brings one home, she didn’t win, but got her cover deal. I believe Ann gets the guy in the end to boot.

Like I said before, not much plot or story, but certainly entertaining enough and not hard to watch; who could complain about hot chics in bikinis that look like they have a little meat on their bones and a few curves, romance, music and some awesome surfing shots?

This film has your typical story line of boy meets girl, girl falls for boy and drops all meaning to life, then finds herself in the end and conquers world. It’s a good time and just in time to remind us of summer fun in the sun as fall will show up quicker than you think.

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