Looking for Kitty

by Alan Rapp on September 15, 2006

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  • Title: Looking for Kitty
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After his wife leaves him without explanation, a high school baseball coach from upstate New York makes his way into the city.

Looking for KittyUnable to find her on his own Abe Fiannico (David Krumhotlz) hires private detective Jack Stanton (Edward Burns).  Together the two comb the city for Abe’s wife Kitty (Avi Meyers).  The only clue the pair have is a newspaper photograph of Kitty with rock star Ron Stewart (Max Baker).

As the two search we learn Jack is also suffering from the loss of his own wife; unable to do anything about his own situation, and despite his gruff stand-offish nature, Jack begins to think of Abe as a friend and becomes emotionally involved with the case.

Looking For Kitty is what you want a small independent film to be.  It’s well written with a small but effective cast.  Krumholtz and Burns carry 85% of the film, but there are a couple of nice supporting performances to mention.

Connie Britton works well in the small role as Jack’s new mysterious neighbor.  The awkwardness of the two around each other comes off as so realistic you almost forget you are watching a film.

And let us not forget the two comedic flashes of the film.  Kevin Kash finds just the right balance of neediness and humor in the role of Jack’s super, and Chris Parnell as the greasy, self-important, rock manager who insists everyone call him “Cougar,” despite the fact he is as un-cat-like as any man ever born.

There are some flaws here.  The two stories never completely merge and the epilogue of the film seems a little redundant.  There also Rachel Dratch as a obnoxious boozehound, who seems very close to a crazy drunk person you would meet in a real hotel bar, but her recurring role in the film never amounts to much and started to grate on my nerves.

For fans of Burns, the director or actor, I think you will enjoy yourselves.  It’s not a great film, but it is a very good one.  It won’t wow you, but if you sit back and relax you’ll find quite an enjoyable little film.  Even with the problems I have with the film it’s an easy one to recommend.  Looking for Kitty is currently showing in select cities; check you local listings to see if it’s playing near you.

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