Mother of Tears (Terza madre, La)

by December Lambeth on June 6, 2008

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  • Title: Terza madre, La
  • IMDB: link

Mother of Tears is such a tragedy, a film that is neither good nor well done in the bloody antics. Baby’s being thrown off of bridges and chopped up, really bad gore graphics with hatchets and butcher knives, weird characters that have no consequence and a main character that takes way too long to find out her destiny and hook up with Mr. Right to stop the entire nightmare. In Europe an ancient urn is found and opened releasing the Mother of Tears, top witch bitch of the world. In accordance with that, all witches begin to arrive in Rome for one free-for-all blood fest. Citizens of Rome start doing odd things like killing one another, committing suicide and all types of violence, it’s up to Sarah Mandy (Asia Argento ), a young unknowing white witch/artist, to stop the whole evil lot. She has powers that have been passed down from her mother and she’s freaking out cause these powers are starting to kick in, and so are the voices. She keeps hearing a voice telling her what to do to stay safe; her mom is assisting Sarah from beyond the grave to stop the Mother of Tears from conquering and taking over. At first police detectives don’t believe Sarah after her story of a monkey and three freakish characters that slaughtered her friend, so they spend most of their time hunting for Sarah instead of helping her. Finally, when one is captured and sees the truth, he does all he can to assist to save his own life.

This film is a tragedy, either you love or you hate it…I hate it.

Mother of Tears is the finale to the saga that began with the international blockbuster Suspiria and continued with the classic Inferno from Italian horror maestro Dario Argento. In the heart of modern Rome, an urn is found and brought to a young archaeologist, Sarah Mandy. But what Sarah doesn’t know is that the urn belongs to the world’s most powerful witch, the Mother of Tears. She unwittingly unleashes a demonic power intent on destroying the city and everything in its path. When the Mother’s minions and henchman brutally murder Sarah’s co-worker and come after her, she takes refuge with an old priest and discovers her legacy – that her own mother was murdered years before by the Mother of Tears, and that only Sarah has the power to end the destruction. She must find and stop the Mother, before it is too late. Synopsis written by Myriad Pictures .

One of the most uncomfortable films I’ve seen in a long while. I assume you mist watch the first 2 installments of the film to get what the hell is going on in the witchy trilogy. Preachers, witches and a powerful young psychic mix together in a slow drip of a horror film. Nice try, but no can do. This film is so bad and really doesn’t even begin to compete with horror films released in the 70’s, someone needs to catch this studio up on the new century and techniques in film. Mother of Tears ranks in the Raspberries for B-Rated films.

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