The Incredible Hulk

by December Lambeth on June 13, 2008

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  • Title: The Incredible Hulk
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Movie comic book heroes beware there is a new monster in town and he’s a creature to reckon with. This summer blockbuster certainly follows up the Iron Man hit with no shame. The Incredible Hulk blows the previous failed attempt away and leaves the audience in astonishment with a strong leading man, Edward Norton.

The Incredible Hulk simply can’t fail as this summer’s blockbuster with such a powerful cast, impressive CGI and ball-busting action scenes. The Hulk is a force to beat this summer and is accompanied with such greats as Iron Man , The Dark Knight , Hellboy , Hancock and Wanted . What did we ever do to deserve such a summer of decadent viewing pleasures of action, violence, super heroes and happy endings?

Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) has an accident in his lab and is exposed to a high dose of gamma rays giving him unbelievable powers that he has no idea how to control. The film opens with Banner living a monk like life in Brazil trying to control the beast inside through natural living, but it’s short lived when General Ross (William Hurt) tracks him down and goes after Bruce with a highly trained team of special ops. Running over the roofs of Brazil he just about escapes till a run in with thugs sparks the beast and unleashes a major ass beating on both the special ops team and the thugs. The entire team is peeing their pants except commando Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth ); he wants some of that power and heads straight for General Ross to get some answers.

Bruce realizes through communications with Mr. Blue (Tim Blake Nelson ) that he must go back home to retrieve all the research for a true cure. Bruce goes to his true love, and the General’s daughter, Betty Ross (Liv Tyler ) to find out what happened with the research. She had kept a copy of all the research that was done in the lab before her father had it all destroyed, or did he. Actually the General has been working on some top-secret research to turn soldiers into bigger better fighting machines. Emil talks the General into a little taste to help capture Bruce.

The next big fight takes place on the college campus where all the research began. A huge fight amongst the Hulk and more special ops soldiers directed by the psychotic Emil and his new pumped up body brings on public interest and YouTube videos. Betty gets her first site of the big green monster in the flesh; she also finds out that some form of Bruce still resides inside when he saves her from a huge fiery explosion. The two escape to a cave in the mountains where he protects her till morning and then the roles switch when he turns back into Bruce and she protects him.

The two set out to New York to find Mr. Blue and the cure for the monster inside. Once again he is tracked to New York by the General where he captures Bruce, but must release him to stop the monster Emil has become. The Hulk and Abomination fight throughout the streets of New York using cars, a buss or what ever they can to beat one another up. The finale ends up on the rooftops of New York in one massive fight that blows the rest of the fights away. The Hulk not only saves Betty, but also her father too realizing the General has already destroyed himself and couldn’t possibly do anymore harm. So does Bruce stay around for the cure or does he run off into the night looking for other ways of controlling the beast as he did in the TV series? You’ll have to watch the movie and find out.

Norton may not be the sarcastic funny guy like we see in so many comic book super heroes, but he does have a certain look, talent and presence to keep our attention. Some of you may not know, but Norton helped write and edit the film, making it a little closer to reality in storyline and closer to the 78 TV series. Brilliant fight scenes, well done CGI, understandable story, perfect cameos and a great soundtrack from the original series The Incredible Hulk is a summer must see again and again and again.

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