Transporter 3

by December Lambeth on November 26, 2008

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  • Title: Transporter 3
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That’s right Transporter 3 stands for 3 razors. Seriously it does what it sat out to accomplish: 1. Lots of ass-kicking action (clothing optional) 2. Car chases, crashes, floating and train jumping and last, but not least 3. Independent films have an action hero and his name is Jason (OMG he so hot) Statham. No seriously Transporter 3 is just that, part 3 to a chain of films that rock on the choreographed fight scenes, but come up short in content and quality acting.

I simply can’t go into this review from a serious point of view; Transporter 3 is a wonderful release to the melodrama and uptight contender season. Something that all action fans can set back and enjoy without thinking a whole lot.

Rule #1. Never change the deal. And that is exactly what the director did, he didn’t change a thing. Cuter girl, maybe, a little more adventurous car scenes, for sure and a certain amount of new humor, but overall it’s like the rest, simply a little better.

Frank’s (Jason Statham) trying to clean up his act, maybe his rules don’t apply as strongly as they did before. He is learning that asking questions might be a safer way to live. Frank turns down a job to transport a very special package for Johnson (Robert Knepper), a hired out bad guy, and references another driver for their use. However, after enjoying the catch of the day, he finds this transporter in his front room and knocking on deaths door. Frank, unwillingly, takes the place of the previous transporter and setting next to one hot red head, Valentina (Natalya Rudakova), he’s off to save the day. Little does he know that his partner in crime is the daughter of a Ukrainian governmental official who is out to protect the environment and has control over waste dumps, and that these bad guys are setting up her father to dump some serious shit in the local docs.

Frank has always been attached to his car, but not to the point that his life depended on it. This time he’s hot wired to explode if he goes too far. With the help of his French detective buddy, Tarconi (François Berléand), Frank sets off to screw up the bad guy’s plans and kick some serious butt along the way. Trying all along to not get attached to his beautiful passenger, but she is really making that part difficult and ends up blowing the whole thing up.

Can Frank get the girl and beat the bad guy in the end? Well hell yes, that’s what he does!

I know that the rest of the critic world will disagree with my #3 ranking, but I guess I simply have a soft spot for hot guys who can kick some serious ass and do most of their own stunts. Action packed films are just that, people don’t go to these types of films expecting award winning performances and realistic situations, they are looking for an escape, a place to hide for a short time and watch the good guy kick some bad guy ass and get the girl in the end, and Transporter 3 delivers on all accounts.

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